Folder Exporter

Use the versatile Folder export connector

Export to a folder structure similar to standard multipage but with enhanced PDF functionality such as generation of bookmarked PDFs. Export documents in txt format (using OCR). Generate custom document and batch index files (XML, CSV, TXT,…)

Use the versatile Folder export connector to export to a folder and file structure of choice. You can define an unlimited number of sub folders and use Kofax Express index fields or system values to name them. Generate full text output in standard txt format for each scanned page. Create bookmarked PDF files, configure PDF passwords, split PDF files to a defined maximum size and set specific PDF properties.If your back-end system only works with a specific kind of CSV or XML import file, you can make use of the custom XML/CSV setup and configure any index format you desire. Next to an export destination of choice, you can also generate a backup of all your document files to an external drive or backup server. All this during a single export.